Our Environment

Team member hard at work

Sun City Plumbing recognises that protection of the environment is an extremely important aspect of our company's operations and a necessary element for good corporate citizenship. We are committed to implementing systems and procedures to facilitate sound environmental management and operating practices and to ensure a continual improvement of our environmental performance.

We are committed to go above and beyond regulatory compliance by establishing effective waste management and disposal procedures, improve energy efficiency, reduce harm on flora and fauna and minimize the impact on the environment by setting up effective emergency policies.

Good safety is good business

Sun City Plumbing recognizes that we have a legal responsibility to work and behave professionally as a company and safety is huge part of that responsibility. We believe that most incidents and accidents are preventable if the correct guidelines are established. Therefore we take a proactive approach to our health and safety policies.

We require all our employees to report all unsafe acts and/or conditions they encounter on a worksite. Sun City Plumbing encourages participation and input in all matters concerning health and safety from employees and all other relevant industry workers.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Sun City Plumbing is dedicated to the safety of its employees and visitors by eliminating hazards associated with the inappropriate use of alcohol and drug use. This responsibility is shared by, employees, contractors and subcontractors. We believe that inappropriate use of drugs and/or alcohol by employees or other persons at Sun City Plumbing workplaces will adversely affect work performance and contribute to workplace incidents and injuries.

Sun City Plumbing values their employees and will take the necessary steps to intervene against dependency upon drugs and alcohol.